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As part of London Underground’s upgrade works, Henny Limited were contracted by KN Group to undertake resurfacing of Metropolitan Platforms 1-4.

The works entailed breaking out of the existing terrazzo floor finishes and associated beds, grouts and adhesives. Works also included removal of existing rubber tactile and replacement of
below ground drainage gullies and number of access/manhole covers.

Surveys and joint inspections were completed throughout the works to identity any structural movement joints, cracks etc. The slab was prepared prior to a new bonded screed being laid, which, once cured received a new GranazzoCem tile and Johnson porcelain tactile. New structural movement joints were installed as required by the LUL structural engineer. New Johnson corduroy tiles were installed at the top and bottom of platform staircases.

During the above works various fixtures and fittings were removed whilst the new surfaces are laid. This was coordinated with the LUL project team, other trades and the station staff. Any furniture removed was replaced at the end of each shift.

New platform white and yellow line markings were painted onto the existing nosing’s on all four platforms.

The works were completed by 3 teams with split groups, working platform completing, snagging and signing off individually referenced bays.

Value: £1,250,000
Client: KN Group
Completion Date: October 2014

Metropolitan Platforms 1 - 4
2500 m2 of replacement floor finishes.